DJI Zenmuse XT2 Thermal Camera – 640×512 30Hz 13mm


DJI Zenmuse XT2 640×512 30Hz 13mm

  • For DJI M200 & M600 Series Drones
  • Up to 12MP Photos & 4K Video
  • 13mm Lens + 30 Hz Frame Rate
  • 640 x 512 Resolution Thermal Images

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Join the next generation of commercial drone solutions with the XT2. Pairing the FLIR Tau 2 thermal sensor and 4K visual camera with DJI’s leading stabilization and machine intelligence technology, the XT2 quickly transforms aerial data into powerful insights that save time, money – and lives.

Robust Dual-Sensor Thermal Solution

Housed within a weather resistant encasing is a combination of FLIR’s advanced radiometric thermal sensor
and 4K visual sensor – all integrated seamlessly with DJI’s powerful enterprise drone platforms.

  • <50 MK Thermal sensitivity (NEDT)
  •   12MP Visual Sensor
  •   30HZ Max Thermal Frame Rate
  •   IP44 LEVEL Ingress Protection

Transform Data Into Insights In Real-Time

Enabled by a suite of processors and computer vision algorithms, the XT2’s on-board Machine Intelligence helps teams identify what’s important while on-site, instead of after a lengthy processing time.

Temp Alarm
Don’t miss a thing with instant notifications when object temperatures exceed pre-set parameters.

Heat Track
Capture the most critical information by automatically locking the XT2 onto the hottest object in view.

Quickly interpret data with details from the visual image overlaid on the thermal data stream.

Temp Check
Tap a point or select an area for real-time temperature measurements.

Quick Track
Select an object to lock the XT2 onto it, simplifying missions in complex environments.

Focus on a specific temperature band to identify what’s important.

Color Palettes
Adjust the colors applied to the thermal data to easily interpret what’s happening.

PiP Options
Optimize how you view the thermal and visual feeds – side by side, overlapping and more


See the unseen. FLIR thermal sensors reveal details invisible to the naked eye by making subtle differences in temperature visible. This new view on the world can reveal when equipment or buildings are damaged, the location of lost people and much more.

Agriculture                                                 Energy                                             Structure Fires                                          Rescue                                              Roofing


Sensor 1/1.7″ CMOS
Effective Pixels: 12 MP
Lens Prime Lens
Focus at 8mm
FOV 57.12 Degrees x 42.44 Degrees
Digital Zoom 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x
Photo Formats JPEG, TIFF, R-JEPG
Video Formats 8 bit: MOV, MP4
14 bit: TIFF sequence, SEQ**

Camera Module (Thermal)

Thermal Imager Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Resolution 640 x 512
Digital Zoom 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x
Pixel Pitch 17 μm
Spectral Band 7.5-13.5 μm
Full Frame Rates 30 Hz
Exportable Frame Rates <9 Hz
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) <50 mK at f/1.0
Scene Range High Gain: -13 to 275°F / -25 to 135°C
Low Gain: -40 to 1,022°F / -40 to 550°C
File Storage microSD Card
Photo Format JPEG, TIFF, and R-JPEG
Video Format 8 bit: MOV and MP414 bit: TIFF Sequence, SEQ

Video Resolution

4K Ultra HD: 3840 x 2160 29.97 fps FHD: 1920 x 1080 29.97 fps
Modes Capture, Record, and Playback
Photography Modes Single Shot
Burst Shooting (3/5 Frames)
Interval (2/3/4/7/10/15/20/30 seconds)
Anti-Flicker Auto, 50 Hz, and 60 Hz
Storage MicroSD Card (up to 128 GB, UHS-3 Required)
Supported File Systems FAT 32: (s32 GB)
exFAT: (>32 GB)
Field of view (FOV) f/1.25 45×37 Degrees 1.308 mr
f/1.25 32×26 Degrees 0.895 mr
f/1.1 25×20 Degrees 0.680 mr
Focus Distance Minimum Distance: 7.6 cm
Hyperfocal Distance: 4.4 m
Hyperfocal Depth of Field: 2.2 m


Angular Vibration Range +/- 0.01 Degree
Mount Detachable
Controllable Range Tilt: +30 to -90 Degrees
Pan: +/- 320 Degrees
Mechanical Range Tilt: +45 to -130 Degrees
Pan: +/- 330 Degrees
Roll: -90 to +60 Degrees


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